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  • If you are using us to find your tenant, we'll do that first. Then we'll make sure they are fine and dandy for you by putting them through our thorough checking process. Once they have passed as suitable, we'll start the administrative steps towards moving them into your property.
  • We'll set up your rent arrears and legal expenses Service, which is included free in the first year of management - so that if the worst happens and your tenant doesn't pay your rent, we have you covered. In the event of non-payment of rent, we will process a claim and advise you when you will start receiving your rent when this is accepted.
  • After all tenancy paperwork's are completed (and it really doesn't matter if you are based in Timbuktu, as long as you can get an internet connection - as we sign our forms online), we'll organise the Inventory check-in process with your tenant, and perform the right to rent checks on your tenants.
  • The Inventory check-in report is professionally produced along with photos and you'll be sent a copy for your files.
  • We will register your tenants deposit with our scheme provider DPS and prepare the prescribed information forms and send to your tenants for signing. You cannot serve a section 21 form if the tenant hasn't received this form.
  • We'll make sure that your property meets with all legislative requirements with regards to gas, electrical safety and fire and furnishings laws - and is safe to let out and inform you of important non-statutory requirements.
  • We'll make all reasonable efforts to tell the Local Authority and service companies (gas, electricity, water) that you have a new tenant at the start (and termination) of the tenancy.
  • We can handle all your property paperwork such as insurance and service charge accounts provided we have enough left over from your rent - but only f you prefer us to. All you need to do is inform providers to send demands to us.
  • We'll collect your rent and send a digital statement every month telling you the amount you have received, and about any charges to your account.
  • We will deal with day to day management matters, unless you specifically want to be involved in this process. Any work orders carried out will be detailed on your monthly statement. We can even use your own preferred trades guys and girls if you have them, just let us have their details and we'll check they carry necessary public liability cover and trade qualifications.
  • We'll make contact with your tenants every month to make sure the property is fine and to see if they are having any issues they haven't told us about. This ensures we keep a healthy relationship with your tenant (meaning they'll likely stay longer) and also we can spot any potential issues with your property and deal with it before it escalates into something more costly to fix.
  • Remember, we don't charge you any sneaky hidden admin charges on any works orders booked at your property. The price we're charged by any trades is the price you pay.
  • Need major refurbishments or improvements project managed? No problem, we can deal with this for you too and arrange quotes from quality building firms.
  • We'll deal with cleaning and minor repairs that need to be carried out between changing tenants.
  • If you want us to manage your property which was let by another party we'll require copies of the original and current tenancy agreement, inventory, appliance guarantees and warranties, tenancy references and any other relevant notices or documents relating to the property and your tenants. We will also require a set of keys for the property.
  • At the end of your tenancy, we'll organise the check-out Inventory report and assess it to see if there is any need to make a claim against your tenants damage deposit. If we think a claim is required, we will handle all negotiations with your tenants, and if unsuccessful we will process a claim to the DPS with a written report as required and evidence to support our claim. Once settled, we will handle the repayment of any agreed funds to both parties.
  • Don't forget we also take care of time-consuming (and often frustrating) claims on insurance policies.

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