We get a lot of people that ask us ‘can you sell my house quickly’? and of course we can, we have a selection of investors and cash buyers that are ready to purchase your property.

Do You Need To Sell Because:

  • You’re in debt?
  • Your ‘interest only’ mortgage is coming to an end?
  • You’re in or close to being in negative equity (Short Sale)?
  • You’re going through a divorce?
  • Maybe you’re about to move abroad?
  • Or do you simply not want to face the hassle of going through the whole selling process?

Everyone has the time to wait until a buyer can be found, but sometimes circumstances can back you into a corner.

Do You Really Need To Sell Your Property Quickly?Maybe it’s not so desperate as you think?

With over 20 years of experience and the number one concern that our clients have had is understanding their current, sometimes distressing circumstances.

We feel it’s our duty to help you find a quick and satisfactory solution.

We appreciate sometimes it can be really hard.

Selling your property quickly isn’t always the answer. Often there are things we can do to prepare and make things easier and work out more beneficial.

If you just want to talk to somebody in confidence about your situation then contact us here, we are happy to help no matter what situation you are in.

Click on the ‘call button’ at the top right of your screen or click here to complete our contact page:

Sell My House Quickly

Don’t Forget This Also Applies To Land!

We Have Clients Who Can Buy Your Property Now!

Do you need to sell your property quickly with no hassle, no chains and no delaying mortgage finance?

No estate agent fee’s, just simply a cash offer from our investors for your property so you can get on with the more important things in your life, allowing you to move on!

How Does It Work?

We have been selected as Appointed Agents by a private group of property investors that are looking for properties like yours.

Unlike dealing with traditional estate agents, which can take a lot of time and effort, our Property Accelerator Programme is far more simple.

At any time, feel free to fill in the form at the bottom of this page and request a call back.

If you don’t know what your property is roughly worth then don’t forget you can use our online calculator to give you a rough estimate.

One of our experts will call you or pop out to see you and discuss in complete confidence, with complete transparency and honesty, how this will work.

If your property qualifies (read more below) then we will offer you a cash price offer on behalf of one of our investors and agree a completion date – once we have completed an appraisal and inspection.

Then it’s just a case of instructing a survey to officially check over the property and instruct solicitors.

With our experience and expertise it is then simply a case of committing to the sale by way of exchange of contracts and setting a convenient completion date.

Now, that is very brief version of what happens but if you want to know more, you can call up one of our Property Accelerator Experts or enter your details below:

How Do I Know If I Qualify?

It would be very difficult for us to give you a reason why you wouldn’t qualify for this, however, if you are pondering on whether this is for you or not then for your peace of mind here are some common reasons why a lot of our clients come to us when they need to sell their property quickly:

  1. Is your interest only mortgage expiring soon?
  2. Have you found your dream home but can’t sell the property you are currently in fast enough?
  3. Are you caught in an incomplete chain?
  4. Has your chain broken down?
  5. Tired of dealing with tenants?
  6. Relocating for a new job and need to move fast?
  7. Are you experiencing out of control bad debt?
  8. Have you got mortgage arrears and are in threat of repossession?

A lot of our clients come to us because they are affected by:

  1. Mortgage arrears
  2. Their lenders are pushing them to pay off their ‘interest only’ loan
  3. Negative equity
  4. Mortgage shortfall
  5. Repossession hearings
  6. Threatening bailiff Letters

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Do You Mean By No Estate Agents Fees And No Hidden Costs?

We are appointed local agents for these buyers and paid by them too –  not you, the seller.

Whilst we act for the buyer we clearly know the whole business of buying and selling property and businesses so don’t worry, we’ll help you with all of it, as we do for all of sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants.

What Is Meant By No Obligation?

At the point of contact we don’t want to do anymore than give you best advice and you are under no obligation to use our services but we can assure you that you will feel a lot better and your mind will be at rest – there is no pressure.

And here is another thing – what we talk about in the 4 walls of your property stays in your property. We appreciate confidentiality.

Do You Really Give Out Free Advice?

Yes, our advice is completely free, as your local appointed agent we just want to make sure you feel making the right decisions – after all we live and work in the same community.

What Do You Mean By A Quick Sale?

Subject to agreeing a price, carrying out a survey and sorting the legal work then our client will complete the purchase just as soon as it can be finalised.

Do You Really Buy Any Property In Any Condition?

Honestly? Yes. You would be surprised what we have bought for clients over the years and we don’t even mind if you don’t want to clear the property either – our buyers will do this for you if you don’t want to.

We appreciate that on occasions you just want to leave and move on – that is very often the case.

Can You Really Stop My Repossession?

Yes we have done it many times before. Often when we get involved the bailiffs and/or lenders will appreciate our professionalism, our knowledge and expertise and trust us to do what we say we will do.

If you are in this situation please just give us a call.

Whatever, you don’t need to leave it any longer.

How Much Am I Realistically Going To Get?

We work on a very upfront, strict but fair formula that we have agreed with our individual investors.

We will explain everything in detail when we come and see the property – it very much depends on your circumstances and the condition of the property.

It has to work for you and the investor.

How Quickly Can You Actually Buy My Property?

As fast as we can get the survey and legalities done.

Our investors buy with cash.

All of our investors have to prove that they have the funds available immediately so it doesn’t have to take too long.

Is There Anywhere That You Can’t Purchase A Property?

We tend to operate in London but let us know where your property is and we’ll soon tell you whether we can help or not.

Is There A Catch?

Some people are obviously concerned that there is a catch but all we are doing is finding an alternative solution if that is what is needed, more often than not, by the way, this is not that case – you may not even need to do it.

Once we understand your circumstances we can help a lot of the time – it doesn’t involve us having to sell your house so fast, there are often other options.

We want to be honest and transparent with you so here is the truth.

It doesn’t always suit everybody.

The property is being bought for a reason. Our investors will get something out of it.

We are going to offer you a below market value price but you will save thousands on estate agency fees and don’t forget we can also help you with your next move, maybe we can help you with your negotiating on the next property you may be buying.

Talk to our ‘Accelerator Mover Experts’ who will help you sell fast so you can get on with the next stage of your life.

8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us To Help You.

● We can give you all the information you need to understand and deal with the problem quickly and effectively

● You’ll get clear explanations of what is happening and the likely reaction from your lender at each stage of the process

● We’ll give you a helping hand with the paperwork and, if you’re in arrears, advice on dealing with the process you may go through if the matter goes to court and the property is threatened with repossession

● If you are having issues with your lender over your ‘interest only’ loan coming to an end then there are alternatives, so don’t worry

● In the past, we’ve gone to extraordinary lengths to help people move on from unpleasant and sometimes frightening situations

● The right words at the right time can prove pivotal to helping you keep your property and prevent you being blacklisted by creditors

● Our experience in this area stems directly from helping desperate buyers during the market downturn in the 1990’s, and we can help you turn around your own desperate situation, especially if debt collectors are calling or bankruptcy seems inevitable

● We don’t know any other estate agent prepared (or knowledgeable enough) to help you in this way.


  • No Estate Agent Fees
  • No Hidden Costs
  • FREE Advice
  • No Obligation
  • Quick Sale
  • Cash Buyers Waiting
  • Any Type Of Property In Any Condition
  • We’ll Stop A Repossession
  • Stay In The property And Rent or Let Someone Else Rent Your Property.

Would you like to join our panel of investors? Then email Paul Campbell directly at

  • ARLA
  • The Property Ombudsman sales
  • Fish Need Water Reviews

You can compare us for customer experience against other estate agents or lettings agents, at

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