It’s even easier to sell a property than you'd imagine if you have a really nice property in a nice part of town, near a nice school. In fact that makes the job so easy you really ought to add a caveat to any contract you sign to make them really earn their money – and it just so happens we have a few solid tips that will ‘guarantee’ your agent works harder for you than you ever imagined they would.

Where an agent really earns their money is in the tricky business of achieving the best price then getting the deal through smoothly to completion, but that’s a story for another day.

For you the seller though, it’s tough from the very start – for both emotional and practical reasons. First you’ve got to make the hard decision to sell your property, and then you’ve got the tricky jobs of picking an agent (when you’re wary of all agents) and setting an asking price (when you’re not sure if you trust the price your agent recommends).

And once those have been ticked off the list, you’ve got to keep your house immaculate for weeks on end while strangers troop through your property muttering things like “Well those can come straight out.”

We get tens of calls a day from people thinking about selling their home – maybe you were one of them, which is why you’re reading this now – and the majority of the time we can hear an edge of fear in their voice.

That’s natural when you’re dealing with such an emotional subject and such large amounts of money, but we believe that the most stressful parts of the process are not knowing what to expect or who to trust, and feeling like you have no control over what’s going to happen.

That’s why we put this series of emails together: to give you the upper hand by walking you through the main things you should consider when you’re selling a house, and where most people go wrong. Whether you work with us, another agent or do it all on your own, there will be plenty here that you can use to sell faster, and at the best possible price.

So over these next few weeks, we’ll tell you:

  • How to translate “estate agent speak” back into normal English – and which phrases should set your alarm bells ringing.
  • Why most agents have a thoroughly backwards approach to setting an asking price.
  • How to get the best possible price by using our two favourite words: “bidding war”.
  • How to ensure the agent you use is ‘really’ working hard to achieve the best price for you.
  • We’ll wrap up by giving you a complete checklist of everything you need to think about during the sales process – in order – so you’ll always be prepared, and you won’t feel like things are spiralling out of your control.

Some of what we have to say might be a bit controversial – and there are some things coming up that other agents would probably never tell you. But we think that being different is a good thing (you probably got that from our name), and we beat our clients’ asking price 90% of the time so we’re pretty convinced that our way works.

So we’ll see you in a couple of days to get started – when we’ll be explaining that if your estate agent says “Let’s start your price high and say we’re open to offers”, it’s time to start asking some serious questions…

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