As many as 31% of all sales fall through.  That’s an astonishing statistic.

All that heartache, stress and money wasted.

Therefore, you should always ask before instructing an agent if they have a dedicated team or post-sales manager whose job is to chivvy the sale along.

If an agent doesn’t have a dedicated person, they’ll likely see a larger percentage of their sales collapse mid sale.

Years ago, I carried out my own sales admin.  But it was a real struggle.

There simply isn’t enough time in the day to sell properties and also to progress sales already under way.

Here are a few comments from recent reviews about our experienced post-sales managers:

‘The after sales process was well managed via Lorraine who was excellent at communicating calmly with all sides to keep things moving, especially when things got a bit fraught’.

‘There were delays with the bottom of the chain at my end and James and Lorraine did everything they could to support with that aspect too, even though it wasn’t their responsibility at all! They were really efficient and supportive, and I am genuinely grateful for their help throughout. It felt like a family service and having previously bought through larger agencies, I would now think twice, the amount of help I got was incomparable!’

‘However working with James was Lorraine and she was priceless in chasing everyone and keeping things moving forward when solicitors seemed to be labouring over stupid issues!’

‘Lorraine was also absolutely brilliant in keeping us all on track and bringing everything together whilst we were having challenges with solicitors both sides. Great, Friendly and kind service overall.’

‘Thanks so much to James and Lorraine who went out of there way to make this as smooth a sales transaction as possible. Despite difficulties with the freeholders’ managing agents and land registry details they managed to work calmly through this to drive through a successful sale.’

‘Lorraine at Fishneedwater was also fantastic and kept the sale progressing brilliantly throughout the conveyancing process – I can honestly say from start to finish I’ve not sold a property so quickly and so stress free before. I can highly recommend James and his team.’

‘I’d also like to mention Susie Ralston, the Sales Progression Manager, who acted as a go-between during the sales process, right up to exchange who was so friendly and helpful and answered all my questions so quickly and never made me feel like a pest! Would definitely use again!’

“I’s like to mention Susie too, as I felt they both worked hard to overcome the challenges you can get when selling a property, especially a leasehold property. It went through quickly, when I know from friends selling it seems to be taking ages right now. Less than 3 full months, so I was pleased with that. If you want an agent who will tell you straight what you need to do to find a buyer, I’d recommend James. He’s hard working and I know that from regular whatsapp message late into the evening or at the weekend. He’s always responsive. Definitely worth the money and I recommend him to friends, always.”

“Susie and James were always very responsive in chasing my buyers and their solicitors for me, keeping things moving in a timely manner. James is really great to deal with. He always replies late into evenings or at weekends and makes me feel like I’m important to him. He doesn’t have any attitude whatsoever, is straight talking and always makes me feel like it isn’t too much trouble for him.”

My clients get their own sales support specialist at the point they accept an offer for their property, and between them our team have 40 years’ experience progressing property sales.  And that experience is so valuable for my clients.

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