You may have heard of a ‘buying agent’ before.  As an estate agent of nearly 15 years, I’ve shown a large number of properties to a ‘buying agent’ who is acting on behalf of the actual property buyer.

The fees charged by buying agents are largely similar to a an estate agents fee, so usually in the range 1.25% to 1.75% plus vat of the property value.

Most buying agents are also former estate agents, so have a good understanding of property value, and potential.

And here’s how we can help you too:

We have access to extensive property data, meaning we can search for ‘off-market’ properties for you in the roads you’ve earmarked as a preferred new location.

Before you offer on a property, we can visit it with you and give a professional opinion on the condition and what upgrades may be urgent and what they might cost you as well as provide you with extensive research about the property and area, to make sure you aren’t over-paying for the property.  We can help you understand the historical property growth rate in that exact location and any factors which may have a negative affect on the property value.

We can help advise you during your negotiations or carry out the negotiations for you with the selling agent.

We can provide you with a reputable RICS surveyor (subject to locality) who will fast-track a Homebuyer  survey or full structural survey for you.

We can help you get quotes from a professional building Company and various professional trades we have a relationships with for upgrades to the property you wish to buy, that may form part of your negotiation.

We can advise you on any negotiations you may wish to enter into after reviewing your survey report – or we can do these on your behalf.

We can help you with all legal forms and any queries with your chosen Conveyancer/Solicitor.

We can help you progress your purchase through to a quicker completion.

We also don’t charge a 1% fee for our help!  However, in every circumstance so far we’ve saved our clients a huge amount (see the reviews above for more information).

If you want to know more about how we can help you buying a property or what it might cost, get in touch with me by emailing me at or call me on 020 8432 1505.